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Final Fantasy Games

Are you a Final Fantasy fan? Do you play and collect Final Fantasy games? Do you need to track all the games you own / want / finished / are playing now? This application is for you!


  • list of all Final Fantasy games with small status icons (owned/wanted, now playing/finished playing)
  • section index on the right to facilitate browsing the list
  • basic information for each game – cover, console type, genre, release date, in app link to Final Fantasy Wiki for more info (you don’t need to quit the app to view the Wiki website)
  • tag each game as Owned / Wanted, or Now Playing / Finished Playing
  • rate each game on a 5 star scale
  • sort games by console type or genre
  • see stats of your collection – how many games you own, want, play, finished playing
  • owned games appear in 'My shelf' list

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